The AutoPARK (Automated Parking Citation Management System) is a menu driven software package for use on any computer system using the PICK Operating System. The system handles the processing of parking citations from the issuance of citation books to the parking enforcement officers through full clearance of the citation.  This system was designed to work for any agency which issues parking citations such as cities, universities, hospitals, airports or transit districts.  Special customization has been developed for several states for interface with their respective state agencies.  The system will also work in a US or European date format.

       With the functionality of the PICK Operating System, this software can be run just as easily on a single PC for one user as on fifty PCs or terminals for fifty users.  Any number of printers may also be included.  The software will also run on the Pick-like operating systems of Universe.  On a PC, it can be run in its own disk partition using AP/Native or in a MS-DOS directory using AP/DOS or on a Unix based machine using D3. It can also be integrated into a network using Pic-Lan.

       The main menu lists the ten primary modules of the AutoPARK System.  These ten modules are: Citation Processing; Inquiry & Correspondence; Registered Owner Processing; Late Notice Processing; Court Processing; End-Of-Month Processing; Management Reports; File Maintenance and Utility Programs.  Several of the modules also contain sub-modules for functions such as registered owner maintenance, out-of-state license processing and end-of-year functions.  This manual includes a summary paragraph for each of the menu items and also the detailed operating instructions for each item.

       AutoPARK is currently being used by over 100 cites and colleges across the United States. Cities include Elmira NY, Cocoa Beach FL, Huntington Park CA and Kokomo IN. Colleges include UC Davis CA, University of IL at Chicago and the University of AK at Anchorage. We also have a service bureau in Australia processing parking citations for several cities in the state of Victoria.

       The AutoPARK software sells for $7500. The AutoPERMIT is bundled with the AutoPARK system at no additional charge. Support is available either on a monthly maintenance contract or on a time and materials basis. Customization is available. Please contact us for more information.