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        Bid Processing Modifications

  • 1) Purge bids from BID file to an archive file.  Bid Inquiry on archive file.  Option to restore from archive file back to bid file.  Purge program on the archive file.
  • 2) Allow a negative quantity entry in Bid Entry and the option to turn this bid into an "RO" sales order.
  • 3) Extended descriptions pop-up windows in Bid Entry.
  • 4) Option to create a Bid from an Order or Old-Invoice record with updated pricing option.
  • 5)  Added an additional option to the "Copy Bid lines to Overrides" to copy by a range of line items instead of [ALL].
  • 6)  Import of a Bid in text file format from SHIMS into a PC folder using  Accuterm.  The Bid can then be archived, PC faxed or e-mailed.
  • 7) Option in Bid Entry to flag all products as exceptional sales after the entry with one command instead of individually flagging each product.
  • 8)  Allows changing the branch on an existing bid .
  • 9) Calculation of estimated tax on bids. Display on screen and on printed bid, faxed bid and e-mailed and imported if applicable. 
  • 10) (NEW) Option to add a freight charge to a bid.  Freight line then displays on all printed, faxed and e-mailed bids. 
  • 11) (NEW) Reset the formula from a $ override to a Cxnnn override when moving bid product pricing to Overrides.
  • 12) (NEW) Allow a quick entry of Alt-Code,Qty on a bid product entry and auto-fill the remainder of the line.
  • 13) (NEW) New report of all orders created from a specific bid.

        Purchasing & Vendor Related Modifications

        Inventory & Transfer Related Modifications

               SHIMS Release 16 and Older Updates