We also have clients using the following software packages and provide them with support and program customization.

Application Software:

DATAFLO MANUFACTURING SYSTEM  is a fully integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for discrete and repetitive manufacturers.  This robust system offers a unique balance of depth and breadth of fully functionality combined with advanced technology making it particularly easy to use.  Dataflo's strengths include 32 modules that empower the user.  (Dataworks, San Diego, CA)

FMC - PAYROLL maintains employee payroll and personal records to provide all necessary payroll, accounting and audit information, including tax reports, any mix of payroll cycles (monthly or weekly), and special monitoring information related to EEO reporting.  Payroll is adaptable to many enviorments and may be integrated with Escom's A/P, G/L, A/R, fixed assets, or other third party applications. (Escom Inc, Kirkland, WA)

VEREX DISTRIBUTION is a general business system for small to medium size wholesale distributors.  Complete with all A/R, A/P, G/L and cost effective purchasing with true EOQ analvsis, inventory, control, order entry/billing, sales history, management and true materal requirements planning system.  Inquiry screens allow one-key acess throughout the data base.  User-level security system with management directed total access control.  Five levels of on-line help screens.  Comes with an on-line demonstration data base for training users and an electronic mail system for intra-company communications.  (Verex Corp, Las Vegas, NV)

FUND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (FMS)  is an on-line, interactive accounting system used for the recording and reporting of the financial activities of a city. The system consists of seven distinct modules: file maintenance and inquiry, purchase order processing, warrant processing, revenue entries, general journal entries, budget entries and month-end reports.  (Mission Management Inc, Orange, CA)

.SHIMS Interface Software:

ViaDuct - provides over 40 terminal emulations, powerful file transfer capabilities and Windows standard methods of linking ViaDuct to other Windows applications such as Excel and Word. (All SHIMS releases).

RxLaser - provides a font cartridge with electronic form templates programmed into it. When inserted into the laser printer, the custom forms and variable computer data are merged together. Eliminates the need for expensive pre-printed forms. (All SHIMS releases).

Fax-Link Gold - provides a means to directly fax purchase orders, statements, invoices or general messages directly from any software package. The Fax-Link software resides on a separate PC and is connected to the host via serial lines. (SHIMS releases prior to 17.7)

MHC System - covers the critical day-to-day operations of the warehouse. Purchase order processing delivers, among other things, the functionality of item and pallet receiving of single or grouped P/Os, item and pallet storage as well as direct put-away during receiving. Sales order processing offers numerous order batching and allocation options, truck and routing assignment of orders and various order picking options along with post-pick order consolidation. Inventory verification and re-distribution is handled through cycle and physical count operations, material replenishment for high through-put locations and miscellaneous material movement processes. (SHIMS release 17.7  only).

Sterling & Kohler EDI - provides a means to send and receive EDI transactions. This software resides on a separate PC and the data is transferred to and from the host system using ViaDuct or another communications package. This interface eliminates the need to double enter the transactions. (SHIMS releases prior to 17).