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The following rules apply to users wishing to make custom modifications to the SHIMS software. The "prime directive" is to NOT ever change any of the standard SHIMS items. If a standard program is changed and not renamed, it may be over-written by the priority updates or the new release updates. By following these rules, it is much easier for us to install the priority updates and new releases. The following rules apply to the different files:

PROKS -  All SHIMS procs that are revised must have a "Z." prefix. I also prefer that all non-SHIMS procs not only have the "Z." prefix; but also have a suffix such as ".AP" for Allied Pipe for example. By using this procedure, it is easy to identify which are modified SHIMS procs and which are user created procs.

MENUS - Both the flat menus in the MENUS.FILE file and the Universe drop-down  menus in the SHIMS.MENUS file that are revised must have a "Z." prefix. SPECIAL NOTE - The flat menus will no longer be supported in the SAPPHIRE release. There will be a conversion program of the "Z." flat menus to the "drop-down" menus. Several enhancements have been made to the maintenance of the drop-downs. Passwords have also been added.

CBP - Use the CBP file for all modified SHIMS programs. If you have other basic programs that are not modified SHIMS programs, they can be placed in the CBP file or they can be placed in another file. If they are placed in the CBP file, they should not have the same name as a SHIMS item . Only the CBP file is looked at when the priority updates are loaded.

Dictionary Items - These should also be assigned the "Z." prefix. Use the assigned USER fields only to add new data.

Use the MOD.INCL items whenever possible in the basic programs and always mark the revisions in the code.

We use the following comment format for all revisions in CBPs, PROKS and MOD.INCLs.


*********************** ALLIED CUSTOM  ******************************************

The lines in the program that are changed are then marked with a *JAA1 or *JAA2.  It is then much easier two years later to figure out what, when, where and why of the revision.